What Is Are You Dying?

Are You Dying (AYD) is an art brand as well as my personal art identity. It has a heavy base in comic-style art and photo-manipulation, but isn't limited to just those outlets. More personally, it is the story of how I dealt with my mental/emotional issues to overcome a very deep depression.

Who Are You?

I'm Logic Thompson. I'm an artist & designer from New York City who does WAY too much, but I love to create and share my art with people.

You Make Comics?

Yes! I’m a self taught painter and comic book artist with a background in animation and graffiti. I mashed those skills together and I’m making a comic out of it. Should be ready for y’all this Fall 2019.

How Often Will The Comics Come Out?

I'm attempting to drop them every month. Granted this is the first time I've tried to make a comic and it is a lot more work intensive than I expected. However, I'm dedicated to getting you all the issues as fast as I can. You've taken the time to check out my story so I'll do my best to give you the best of myself consistently.

Do You Do Personal Commissions?

Yes and No. I am ONLY doing "Are You Dying?" related commissions OR custom canvas work with acrylic paint...all of which will be requested from the Shop. These will be done on a first come first serve basis. If you'd like to hire me for a special AYD commission that doesn't fit the shop options, feel free to contact me at AREYOUDYINGBRAND@GMAIL.COM 

Can I Collaborate With Are You Dying?

I love collaborating with other artists!!! Creating is my passion and I truly enjoy vibing with another artist to make something dope. You can email me at AREYOUDYINGBRAND@GMAIL.COM with your name and what you have in mind. Be sure to let me know if you're a visual, or music/performance artist and the best way to contact you. Please note that all collabs will depend on my availability! Thanks.

Where Can I See More Of Your Work?

If you'd just like to see some behind-the-scenes esque content, you can find links to my social media in the top right hand corner of this page. I will announce live performances and art shows on the future "Events" page.

Are You Dying?

Lol...I actually don't think this joke is that funny. Please don't ask me this in real life. Thank you kindly.