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Daily Grind NYC by Kadija Zuniga

A night of art, music and love celebrating New York City artists and their craft.

July 28th @ Legendary Republic Gallery              258 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206






Performances. Visuals. Live Art.

Aug 12th @ 258 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206



Past Events

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Five Points Festival

The First Annual #FivePointsFestival curated by Clutter Magazine and presented by Midtown Comics!!! #AreYouDying 's first ever convention!!!

Paint&Chill. 4.2.17. 

Paint&Chill. 4.2.17. 

Paint & Chill: A Women's Empowerment Event 

Catch Are You Dying showing new work and performing April 2nd @ Paint & Chill run by HomegrownNYC.  

The Feminine Files. 3.11.17.

The Feminine Files. 3.11.17.

The Feminine Files

Had a lot of fun in with Ash&Nell at their first gallery. Took place at Raw Space in Harlem, NYC and what a great space with some great vibes! This gallery was put together to celebrate women of color and a percentage of the proceeds were donated to The Sienna House Shelter.

Soul Saga #1. 2.27.17.

Soul Saga #1. 2.27.17.

SOUL SAGA #1: Vibe Tank X Noble Nobu

The very first Soul Saga was an absolute pleasure to be apart of. Soul Saga is the first in a series of musical performances in which we bring two artists together to craft a unique experience for our audience. This first show happened at The Shrine in Harlem, NYC.

Egocentric. 1.13.17.

Egocentric. 1.13.17.

EGOCENTRIC: Reflections of Self by Kadija Zuniga

Headed back to Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, NYC for a fantastic night with Kadija Zuniga and many other talented artists!!! There was an amazing turnout and some super dope performances from some new friends.