Endless Joy: A Letter To Frank Ocean by Thierry Thompson

I recently saw you at Panorama NYC. I was standing on the left side of the park on the hill under a big tree. I sang every song.

In the summer 2012, you released Channel Orange, an album I didn't know would mean as much to me as it did. The album became the soundtrack to my decent into depression. It was the summer of forgetting her. It was the summer of forgetting myself.

As I stood on that hill singing "Self Control" with you, I remembered everything. 

I remembered every empty moment in my room singing "Sweet Life" to the point that now it honestly makes me wanna cry every time I hear it. Lying in my room watching the stillness.

I could always picture the monks in the moshpit, and one day I’m gonna draw them.

I waited as long as you needed for Blonde.

I listened so intently because it sounded SO GOOD in the darkness I was in.

It filled it up. It made the monsters sit calmly. So to you.

I’ll give it to you one day somehow.

A tribute. A thank you.

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