There's Something Beautiful About Being Alive / by Thierry Thompson

I don't think I say that enough. 

A few days ago, I had to drop off my younger sister to some family in DC. Honestly, I was dreading it. I've been so stressed trying to get my life together and so busy beating myself up about being more productive with my art that the sudden, inescapable 4-hour bus ride (and 4+ hour return trip) was nothing less of a complete nightmare in my mind.

"Right now!? But I have so much to do!" - ME

That's what I thought. I felt that the only thing this trip offered me was a huge inconvenience.

But...I was wrong.

I can only sleep for around 20-30 minutes in an upright seated position. So eventually, I found my self awake and gazing out of the window at a different place. Where were we? I didn't know. The conductor doesn't announce the crossing of states. Plus, it's an express bus to DC...there are no stops. Not for gas. Not for stretching. You just go. So everything I saw outside was just foreign...and stunning.

Two hours in, my sister was still fast asleep while I contemplated my place in the universe. I thought about the towns we rolled through and how many millions of people were living there. Who was hanging out on their front porch? Who had a fight with their spouse? Who was trying their best down there? I got lost in their stories. That river looks good for swimming in. Someone and their dog should go do that. I hope they do. I see a boat. Maybe that's them. Good for you guys.

Damn...I'd Forgotten.

I'd forgotten that life is about more than scrolling on Twitter looking at who liked that thing I said. It's more than catching up on shows and procrastinating emails. It's more than stressing about things you can't control.

There's a flower out there that really needs you to smell how good it smells because it worked really hard all spring to be that fragrant. There's a little kid who's trying to re-tell a joke and she's not very good at it, but you're both gonna laugh anyway cuz it's adorable. There's a warmth from all that sun you soaked up during that walk and you get to keep with you all day.

I Remembered What Life Really Was. It's Beautiful.

And every tree we sped by told me to live and I listened because they had all been here longer than I had. 


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