Logic Thompson

I just want to create... -LT
— Every day

Logic Thompson is a artist and designer from Jamaica, NY. He’s been creating things his whole life. In ancient Greece, people believed that there were spirits or beings that lived in the houses of artists. These beings were what gave the artists their inspirations to create. The energy was not from them, but from the universe. Logic is a rider of these cosmic energies. His goal: To find them, meet them, and express them in their purest form.

This site speaks to the first of many projects… “Are You Dying?”

"Are You Dying?" was a question posed to me at a very strange and trying point in my life. I doubt it was meant to do all that it did, but in a way, it neatly summed up everything I hadn't been dealing with as an "adult." So after being confronted with this thought, I obsessed over it. Over the course of a year or so, I wrestled with this question and through it, dealt with my issues, fears, and feelings one after another. I learned a lot. I drew a lot. Even wrote some music. Now, I'd like to share that journey with you...because while I'm far from finished, I'm finally at a place where I can do so. This is my answer.

-Thierry "Logic" Thompson

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