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New Month. New Mag. So "New-vember?"

It's our second issue! The "Art" Issue. I wanted to focus on the many visual artists I've gotten to meet and work with over the years and not only highlight what's great about them, but also show what being an artist is actually like. You know. From actual artists! Sound good? Well pop down below and grab our second issue. Thanks.

So this is just a digital copy. We're waiting on the quotes for full print so until we get them, we want you to have access to 7MAG. You should've signed up for the mailing list so as soon as the physical copies are ready for order you'll get an email, and a coupon code to subtract the digital price that you paid today. Sound good? I hope so.

Also, we're looking to make a bunch of side content like lookbooks, art books, comics, poetry books, and other merch. We'll either offer them separately or in cool packages with the magazine. Either way, you're gonna get a lot from us. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. 

We all appreciate it very much. 

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-Logic Thompson for 7MAG.