“100 Days Of Dying…”

…a DEATH for every moment… Every moment of ourselves…

Next for “Are You Dying?”… a show about feelings

“100 Days Of Dying” is a pop-up art show and experience. Taking place in early fall, it depicts another change of seasons…seasons of life…points in time…thoughts and emotions…all in 100 paintings. Please join us in creating the biggest Are You Dying Show to date.

 Everything Is All NEW

This show is going to be all new artwork. So of course we wanted to revitalize the Are You Dying Brand itself to be in line with this project. “100 Days of Dying” is about more than 100 paintings. It’s about being multi-faceted. It’s about reaching a point where all the sides of yourself are represented, thus painting a better picture of who you are. Each one of these pieces is just a single element… a single plot point on a much larger spectrum. Giving each of these pieces life is important to me. Because I want to show that we are so layered. We are infinite. And all those pieces come together and make us beautiful.


A 2-day Event

We invite you to not one, but TWO days of visual, raw emotion and honest expression that only Are You Dying can give you.

Here’s the itinerary:

Friday, Sept 27th

  • 5:30 PM - Preferred Patron, Buyers Viewing

    Previewing for buyers and collectors. Hosted by the artist Logic Thompson. Attendees will be treated to stories, backgrounds, and a Q&A session with the artist. Sales can be made before general admission. Automatic entry with preferred patron ticket OR email areyoudyingbrand@gmail.com to attend.

  • 7:00 PM - Opening Reception

    Welcome reception for all guests. Complimentary wine. Hosted by Logic Thompson. The opening reception for “100 Days Of Dying” is your personal invitation to the world of Are You Dying. Enjoy and evening of art, music, and surprises as Logic Thompson becomes himself again.

    • Tunes by DJ Bobbi Bangah (IG: DJBobbi_Bangah) of Rejects Dreams and The Are You Dying Show Podcast

    • Beat Showcase by Marvin Hodelin, (IG: Marvin_h)

    • Preferred patrons will receive a special gift

Saturday, Sept 28th

  • 1:00 PM - Artist Talk Panel

    Panel Discussion: “The Emotional Perils of Being An Artist” and other topics

    A lively discussion between artists of different disciplines about the ups, the downs

    • Featuring:

      • Logic Thompson, (IG: Captainlogic) Writer, Artist, and Brand Consultant, Creative Director for Are You Dying?

      • Jack Ghostel, (IG: Jackaintmyname) Artist and Showman

      • Zera One, (IG: Zera.nyc) Street Artist and Designer

      • LaVonnia Christiana, (IG: Americanmouthhh) Illustrator and Multi-Faceted Creative

      • Anthony Pittman, (IG: Createdincompton) Photographer and Painter

  • 5:30 PM - Are You Dying Show Podcast (LIVE)

    You think you’re ready but you’re not. Be on time. Little do most of you know, I, Logic Thompson, have an incredible radio voice!!! Come see me, my cohost DJ Bobbi Bangah and my wonderful guests talk art, music, and nonsense at our first live show for the Are You Dying Podcast! Don’t bring your kids.. they will learn all the bad words!!!

    • Special Guests

      • Jayo Zen: Producer, Actor, Artist

      • Chris Cruz: Independent Filmmaker

      • The Afrodite: Singer

Sponsor A Painting

I’ve done shows before. Big and small, but this will definitely be the biggest. So I had an idea. I’m opening up some slots to participate in this show. Essentially, a couple of you (10-20) will help me make several of these 100 paintings. Don’t worry, no brush required. I’m looking for sponsors.

Sponsoring a painting would entail putting up an agreed upon amount of money which I would then use to create the painting, and YOU, the lovely sponsor, would walk away with it after the show’s completion. There are a couple benefits to doing this:

  1. It’s Exclusive!!! This is your chance to get a one-of-a-kind Are You Dying piece straight from the source. This is my first truly professional show, and while I plan to do more, I do not plan to repeat the artwork I create. I even plan to limit the amount of digital prints available for the paintings in this show and I WONT BE MAKING PRINTS OF THE SPONSOR PIECES AT ALL…SO YOU WILL BE GETTING 1 OF 1.

  2. It’s Affordable!!! I have an equation to how I price my artwork. The time and energy I put into the work + the cost of the materials + the size of the canvas I use. A lot of times I meet people who are very taken with a certain piece, but at the time, might not be able to buy it. Collaborating with me beforehand to make the piece or pieces will make the pieces more affordable AND we can find the perfect size/sizes that work for you! We can even figure out a proper payment schedule for you so that you can get a painting that might otherwise be out of your range! It’s a win WIN!

  3. It’s Perfect For The Show!!! “100 Days Of Dying” is a show about feelings. So tell me how you feel! The main thing I want to do with my sponsors is really have a conversation with them about where they are in their lives at the moment. I’ll of course share the details of my own life as well. I love having these kinds of conversations. They are so enlightening. Not only do they give me perspective into another life, someone who is different and has different experiences, but they also show me so many similarities between us and how truly one we all really are. I love that. So I want to extend that shared experience to you the sponsor, and then make those feelings… make our feelings… into ART.

So if reading this got you excited, hit that button below and fill out the form. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and I’m REALLY looking forward to creating with you. <3

100 Paintings

Below I will show off a couple choice pieces from the 100 so that people can get a gauge for what I am producing, but also just to prove that I’m actually doing them…

You can scroll down to see the choice picks or go to this gallery where I’ll be uploading the choice pics first, and then all 100 pieces after the show.

#1: I Am Art!


This is the first of many…

It kind of started this whole idea. This whole movement. I had been struggling for a while with whether or not I really wanted to do this. Whether or not my art was really something I could do for a living. Something I could do for life… I’ve always had a hard time believing in myself, but no more… I learned who I am:

“I am art! No longer shall I stay the strokes of my brush or turn away from the call of my pen. There is work to be done; beauty to be captured. It finally makes sense. I am art… and I always was.”

#5 - #14: ANGER


“I’ve been very angry recently, so I’m trying to find out why. Not why I am angry. That has been obvious. I’ve more been trying to find out why anger takes such a hold of me. Why it constantly attempts to be my strongest emotion. And why I somehow feel that I’m so good at it…” - Logic Thompson

Keep On The Look Out For More Choice Pics From The Show Coming Soon!!! See You September 27th-28th 2019!!!